BJ Fogg: What Causes Behavior Change?


“The Fogg Behavior Model shows that three elements must converge at the same moment for a behavior to occur: Motivation, Ability, and Trigger.”


Fogg Behavior Model (2007): The origin of many behavioral strategies goes back to BJ Fogg from Stanford University. It takes core motivators, such as pleasure/pain, hope/fear, social acceptance/rejection. And it takes simplicity factors, such as time, money, physical effort. Behavior change occurs, when both come together and combine with a trigger, which can be a facilitator, spark or signal.

Just found it interesting to get to know the foundation of familiar models, since Adam Ferrier argues very similar in The Advertising effect. He defines specific tactics, which work best, if either the motivation or the ability is the major barrier to achieve the intended behavior. Further, Adam identifies social norm (how do others perceive the behavior) and personal incentive (what’s in it for me?) as key questions to motivation. While he breaks down ability to ease and skill.

Public Speaking: Remember – They Asked You


12 easy ways to improve your public speaking skills from one of my favorite business magazines, which is I’d like to share with you advice No. 5, which is: Remember, they asked you. Now, think this way: “You’re not up there out of ego and hubris, psychologists remind nervous speakers. You’re giving your talk because someone asked to hear your perspective or get your knowledge. They want you there.”

Howard Luck Gossage (1967): Ist die Werbung noch zu retten?


Ein schönes Buch, das unterhält und zum Denken anregt: Was lief bereits vor 50 Jahren in der Werbung schief (und heute vielleicht immer noch)? Oder wann wird Werbung endlich zu einem Beruf für Erwachsene?

Einfach mal reinlesen:
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Get out of the stone age #EVsAreBetter

EV Werbung mal anders! Mehr davon hier.

FB IQ: 20 Shifts for 2020


Facebook outlines 20 shifts for 2020: From blurring boundaries in terms of identity, work or aging to the impact of video, VR and voice, as well as the strong impact of mobile as a driver for the mobile service economy and as an integral command center in people’s life. Check out the full overview here.