Carlsberg puts friends to the test

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Yoda


#OgilvyCannes #Inspire Series for #CannesLions… This quote inspires Martin Lange, Executive Marketing Director, Mobile@Ogilvy

Chiligum Slides: Market Orientation Evaluation

“A market driven culture supports the value of thorough market intelligence and the necessity of functionally coordinated actions directed at gaining a competitive advantage.” George Day

To explore and elaborate the concept of market orientation based on scholarly research. Further to outline evaluation criteria, while highlighting major implications and guiding the practical adaptation.
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“Die Zeit vergeht nicht schneller als früher, aber wir laufen eiliger an ihr vorbei.” George Orwell

Organic wine-box: Climate protection – 10€ and All good!

The “Krisen-Box” has arrived and is one of the fairest deals we know. A really nice drinking pleasure. Three liters high quality wine, grown and made in Spain, transported in economic packages for € 10,- each.

An innovative business model for those, who love to help Spanish vine growers, the environment and the own account balance.