From Out of Sounds – Experimentelle Musik im Porträt

“From Out of Sounds” ist ein spannendes Projekt aus Köln. Sehr schön gemachte und stilvolle Videos porträtieren zeitgenössische Künstler, Projekte und deren experimentelle Musik. Dazu zählen Namen wie Hauschka, James Blackshaw, Nils Frahm, Moon Ate The Dark, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Alvaret Ensemble, Insa Donja Kai, Machinefabriek, Simon Scott und John Kameel Farah. Ansehen!

Hawkers Sunglasses for 20 bucks!

Hawkers Sunglasses

Hawkers Sunglasses – don’t know anything about this brand. Except, the sunglasses look quite cool. And start at a price from 20 € – which is far cheaper than my last Ray-Bans. Sportive, edgy, affordable – the swatch of sunglasses?! Summer is coming for sure. Game changers, too??

Check it out!

10 Web Design Trends for 2014 by Vanksen

10 web design trends for 2014 by Vanksen: The mobile web, single pages, strong content, stunning pictures and video, flat design, typography, geometric design style, parallax scrolling and animated sites, synchronized navigation.

Sketchnote: Managing Oneself (Peter Drucker)

Sketchnote Managing Oneself (Peter Drucker) by Sacha Chua

Nice sketchnote from Sacha Chua about the famous article “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker. Who mainly argues “to place ourselves, where we can make the greatest contribution”. Read more →