D&AD: Writing a Creative Brief That Inspires

Many agencies and planners got their own approach to the creative brief in terms of content, structure and setting. Here Kit Altin, Planning Director at Leo Burnett London, shares her secrets on how to make a briefing work to inspire great creative executions.

The Growth Mindset!

Stanford Professor Carol Dweck talks about her research on the Growth Mindset. Something managers should definitely tune in! Read the full story here.

The Journey of the Beasts (epic!)

“24 years ago I saw the first Skateboarder in my life. Since that day I had the dream of being a Skateboarder. 24 years later we took our Skateboards and travelled to the other side of the world, to create that dream for someone else.” Sebastian Linda

Film by Sebastian-Linda.de
Co-Produced by Titus.de

Patagonia: We Have The Best Weed In Town!

patagonia best weed in town

Awesome! Patagonia got the best weed in town. And refers to their new plant-based Yulex wetsuits, which finally avoid the environmentally critical use of neoprene materials. The New York Times reached to surfers to test the new product and you can watch the video documentation here.