Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Great inspiration just remains relevant over time. So we’d just like to remind everyone to this exceptional piece of leadership best-practice from 2010. Enjoy!

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Think ahead!
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Welcome to the Advertising Awesomeness

welcome to the advertising awesomeness

“Welcome to the Advertising Awesomeness” presents a range of helpful tools and principles to market products and services in the era of now. Mike Brandt refers to savvy academic and practical marketing thought leaders, such as Peter Drucker, Theodore Levitt and Simon Sinek. The author rises key questions: What business are we really in? And explains the point with good examples. Think of Nike as “a great experience doing sport business”.

At the same time, the frameworks lack novelty to current digital practice, e.g. Customer Journeys, User Interviews and Behavioral Observations, Data Analysis or Prototyping and Testing. As such, some more details regarding the application would have been beneficial to those, who do not already know.
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Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life?