Detergent – Same Same, but Different?

Let’s have a look at a typical detergent retail shelf. First impression, massive oversupply. Hard choice, isn’t it? Now, what to do? First, you talk to your retail expert. You take category management seriously. You … Read more →

REWE – Dein Markt

Lipton – Spend Warmth on Winter Days!

Classic advertising as it is. Lipton calls out to “be more tea”. The message is visually supported by attractive and trendy, but natural people in a pleasing lifestyle setting, which showcases the product usage situation … Read more →

Peter Drucker

“What the customer buys and considers value is never a product; it is always utility – that is, what the product does for him.” Peter Drucker – Autokauf und Lebensphase

Autokäufer in Deutschland würden häufiger ihre Autos wechseln, wenn das Ganze einfacher wäre. Typische Wechselgründe sind oft an veränderte Lebensbedingungen gebunden, z.B. Familie, Job, Umzug, Hobby, etc. Entsprechend inszeniert den Autowechsel: Was machst du, … Read more →