Fun from Nissan: Intelligent Parking Chair!

Nike’s: The Sneakers I Want!


Again and again, I ask myself: How do they do it? I just simply want (!) these superb sneakers from Nike and can’t wait for ’em!

I guess, it’s because of the perfect interplay of the multiple facets of branding. At the bottom, a very salient association links Nike’s to sports wear on my mind. Next, the brand performance and brand imagery is just, what I am kind of looking for. There are innovative and distinctive products meeting a progressive and dedicated mind-set. Always cutting edge. Big win on points-of-parity and points-of-difference. Thus, I do very positively resonate relating to my judgments and feelings on the next level. Read more →

Top 5 Events in 2016

01. Rockstars Festival
#online #marketing #ecommerce
26.02.2016, Hamburg

02. re:publica
#web #culture #innovation
02.-04.05.2016, Berlin

03. beyond tellerrand
#design #web #creativity
09.-11.05.2016, Düsseldorf

04. dmexco
#online #marketing #ecommerce
14.-15.09.2016, Köln

05. Research & Results
#market #research #conference
26.-27.10.2016, München

(Almost) No Brand like Coke: Taste the Feeling


Almost no brand around manages to always totally keep up to date, to distill the spirit of the time, but still to totally stay true and keep it real and consistent to where the brand comes from, to what the brand has told us before. Respect!