APG Planner’s Lounge Düsseldorf


Liebe Planner Community,

unsere APG Planner’s Lounge Düsseldorf geht in die dritte Runde. Wir freuen uns auf inspirierende Gespräche und erfrischende Insights an der Bar. Das wird garantiert wieder ein schönes Treffen im Kreis der ewigen Besserwisser :)

Bis bald!
Euer Ben

Donnerstag 07.04.2015 – 19:30h
Williams Bar & Kitchen
Friedrichstraße 115 a, 40217 Düsseldorf


Strategy is a mind-set. Knowing who you are. Deciding what you want. While never giving up on finding out how to get there. And always exciting the people around you to keep moving. Inspired by all my teachers, Chiligum

EyeEm: Say it with Real Photography


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Photo: Benjamin Lee

DDB Influences 2.16: Athleisure & Femvertising


DDB Influences provide regularly really straight forward and relevant ideas on what influences DDB’s thinking and ideas. No doubt, many of those insights lead to outstanding strategic and creative work. So, to everyone, feel encouraged to just drop by from time to time and get your inspirational dose of branding and marketing insights up front.

This influences question: Has it ever been more fashionable to be fit?

Now, How do you feel about this? No clue? Read on: