added value: How to amplify cultural branding?

“When your brand is part of culture, not sitting on the surface, you stand a better chance of being noticed and loved.”

What’s cultural branding? When the people from added value ask “who’s winning the culture wars?” it’s about brands that are culturally relevant and connected to the people.

As such, the Cultural Traction 2013 Report details brand’s VIBE: How Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting are brands?! To see, which “brand has its finger on the right pulse”. Global players, such as Google, Apple, Samsung, BMW, IKEA, Coca Cola are on top. Compare interbrand’s brand ranking of the most valuable brands.

So, what’s the difference? It’s about belief, opportunity and change to drive human progress. It’s especially about direction, vision, confidence and hope, what moves people.

Interestingly, brands at the bottom “encourage us to live life to the full, but exist only in the moment” – which comes close to promising “fun without substance”.

Original article by Izzy Pugh, Director, Added Value UK; first published by

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