Nike’s: The Sneakers I Want!

Again and again, I ask myself: How do they do it? I just simply want (!) these superb sneakers from Nike and can’t wait for ’em! I guess, it’s because of the perfect interplay of … Read more →

(Almost) No Brand like Coke: Taste the Feeling

Almost no brand around manages to always totally keep up to date, to distill the spirit of the time, but still to totally stay true and keep it real and consistent to where the brand … Read more →

REWE – Dein Markt – Autokauf und Lebensphase

Autokäufer in Deutschland würden häufiger ihre Autos wechseln, wenn das Ganze einfacher wäre. Typische Wechselgründe sind oft an veränderte Lebensbedingungen gebunden, z.B. Familie, Job, Umzug, Hobby, etc. Entsprechend inszeniert den Autowechsel: Was machst du, … Read more →

Welcome to the Advertising Awesomeness

“Welcome to the Advertising Awesomeness” presents a range of helpful tools and principles to market products and services in the era of now. Mike Brandt refers to savvy academic and practical marketing thought leaders, such … Read more →