– Autokauf und Lebensphase

Autokäufer in Deutschland würden häufiger ihre Autos wechseln, wenn das Ganze einfacher wäre. Typische Wechselgründe sind oft an veränderte Lebensbedingungen gebunden, z.B. Familie, Job, Umzug, Hobby, etc. Entsprechend inszeniert den Autowechsel: Was machst du, wenn dein Auto nicht zu deinem Leben passt? Änderst du dein Leben – oder dein Auto?

Welcome to the Advertising Awesomeness

welcome to the advertising awesomeness

“Welcome to the Advertising Awesomeness” presents a range of helpful tools and principles to market products and services in the era of now. Mike Brandt refers to savvy academic and practical marketing thought leaders, such as Peter Drucker, Theodore Levitt and Simon Sinek. The author rises key questions: What business are we really in? And explains the point with good examples. Think of Nike as “a great experience doing sport business”.

At the same time, the frameworks lack novelty to current digital practice, e.g. Customer Journeys, User Interviews and Behavioral Observations, Data Analysis or Prototyping and Testing. As such, some more details regarding the application would have been beneficial to those, who do not already know.
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Gant: They changed the world. Not the shirt.

Touching storytelling around an intriguing proposition, that is connecting Gant’s products with the strive for something bigger. But still, the story manages very well to turn to consumers everyday life perspective in the end!

Marshall London Phone: Pre-Order Now!

Marshall London Phone

Here comes the Marshall London Phone. Marshall definitely got it’s brand story well written. Now it continues into the mobile market. The promise: The best mobile device to listen, record and create music. If not like a mobile recording studio. As such, Marshall proudly claims at their launch ceremony: Let’s bring the Rock n Roll to the people. Guess, this phone got some game changer qualities. At least, it taps into an unfilled need and new market opportunity. Music lovers and fans gonna be delighted. Check all features here.

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“We aim to address like-minded people, who are awake and aware of the immense value of our oceans and are deeply connected to surfing but also have a thirst for style and substance.”

TWOTHIRDS – the blue fashion company – was founded in San Sebastián based on the intriguing idea, that two-thirds of our planet are covered by ocean. Now, TWOTHIRDS and Vans have partnered to create shoes, that combine the original style with water-based inks and recycled soles. Check this out!