Detergent – Same Same, but Different?


Let’s have a look at a typical detergent retail shelf. First impression, massive oversupply. Hard choice, isn’t it? Now, what to do?

First, you talk to your retail expert. You take category management seriously. You optimize your placement. You vary pricing and package volume. And offer seasonal promotions. Next, you talk to your neuromarketing expert. You craft the packaging to implicitly send signals to persuade the shopper’s auto-pilot. While you claim your spot on the emotional map.

Further, you talk to your brand consultant. You look at competitors and target groups. You understand, that brand-switchers are of high potential. You manage for high brand-recall to impact the relevant-set. And you explore, what your category really stands for and which stake it got in people’s life.

Now, you get back to product management. And highlight some innovative formula from research department to define your reason-to-believe. Of course, you chat with social media experts. Still, you wonder, who really wanna engage in a trustful talk with her/his detergent brand. But, yeah, maybe some influencers. Last but not least, you ensure your media budget is just as high as your competitor’s is.

Probably, you got to do all of this. And still, the questions remains, how to make a difference?

Benjamin Teeuwsen

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If branding is soul, great ads will get the funk!

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