APG Planner’s Lounge Düsseldorf


Liebe Planner Community,

unsere APG Planner’s Lounge Düsseldorf geht in die dritte Runde. Wir freuen uns auf inspirierende Gespräche und erfrischende Insights an der Bar. Das wird garantiert wieder ein schönes Treffen im Kreis der ewigen Besserwisser :)

Bis bald!
Euer Ben

Donnerstag 07.04.2015 – 19:30h
Williams Bar & Kitchen
Friedrichstraße 115 a, 40217 Düsseldorf


EyeEm: Say it with Real Photography


“The largest source of authentic, royalty-free images for brands and agencies” really provides a fresh perspective and good stuff for your next presentation, mood board or key visuals. Definitely distinctive photos at a very reasonable price.

Check it out:
Photo: Benjamin Lee

(Almost) No Brand like Coke: Taste the Feeling


Almost no brand around manages to always totally keep up to date, to distill the spirit of the time, but still to totally stay true and keep it real and consistent to where the brand comes from, to what the brand has told us before. Respect!

Detergent – Same Same, but Different?


Let’s have a look at a typical detergent retail shelf. First impression, massive oversupply. Hard choice, isn’t it? Now, what to do?

First, you talk to your retail expert. You take category management seriously. You optimize your placement. You vary pricing and package volume. And offer seasonal promotions. Next, you talk to your neuromarketing expert. You craft the packaging to implicitly send signals to persuade the shopper’s auto-pilot. While you claim your spot on the emotional map.
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REWE – Dein Markt