All Gone: The Finest of Street Culture?!

All Gone - The Finest of Street Culture

“All Gone 2014” ist raus. Das Buch des Pariser Kreativen Michael Dupouy. The Red Bulletin schreibt vom “Standardwerk für globale Street Culture”. Das Werk versammelt jährlich laut dem Magazin “die besten Produkt-Releases (Sneaker, Kleidung, Kunstwerke etc.), die ein Jahr Street Culture geprägt haben”.

Leider werden die Erwartungshaltungen nicht erfüllt. Wir finden die übliche Sammlung bunter Produkte etablierter Marken. Nichts neues. Nichts besonderes. Nichts, was dem Anspruch, urbaner subkultureller Trends auf die Spuren zu kommen, gerecht wird. Schade!

Captcha: Lost Twin @ A Place Apart #01

“Captcha is our attempt to document and share this moment of the music that surrounds us. We broadcast live video underground music sessions from different locations via streaming and the shows are also archived for future viewing.”

Just awesome, best tunes, nice moods:

FuckUp Nights 2014

FuckUp Nights 2014

In 2012 a few friends and really nice people from Mexico City started to organize events called FuckUp Nights. Basically, people share their stories about failure. Very honest stories. Very valuable stories. Because, you learn more from mistakes. And mistakes are part of business. Yes, important to develop experience. But more than that, mistakes prove the courage someone got to try new things.

For the last two years FuckUp Nights have been evolving in many cities around the globe. But this year probably has been the year of FuckUp Nights. Also, here in Germany are now many cities involved. After kicking-off FuckUp Nights Düsseldorf in April. Which was great fun to organize and being part of. Kick-ass!

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

Caribou, Four Tet, James Blake, Jungle and more performing at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris. Enjoy the weekend!

Good Creative Mornings!

Creative Mornings Photo: Creative Mornings Madrid

As more and more innovative, informal, but inspiring MeetUps become super popular, the new global event format of Creative Mornings brings morning people all over the world together, who meet in the morning on Fridays once a months. To enjoy breakfast and some interesting talks and networking. Tina Roth Eisenberg started in 2008 Creative Mornings in New York to engage the creative community. Now, 102 creative cities have joined the movement.

Check it out: