Spacebase: Changing The Way We Meet!

Spacebase: Changing The Way We Meet

Yes! No doubts – this gonna be big. Spacebase provides a platform to find edgy locations for meetings, seminars, workshops and business events. Unique venues for any occasion. Totally relevant to stir-up boring and uninspirational gatherings. Local scouts hand-pick every space. Finally, coffee and equipment, such as a projector or flipchart, can always be provided.

I always hoped, that this would happen, but I never really thought it was ­čśÇ

FuckUp Nights: Why Do Businesses Fail?

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Don’t Play Small on Culture!

FuckUp Nights 2014

FuckUp Nights 2014

In 2012 a few friends and really nice people from Mexico City started to organize events called FuckUp Nights. Basically, people share their stories about failure. Very honest stories. Very valuable stories. Because, you learn more from mistakes. And mistakes are part of business. Yes, important to develop experience. But more than that, mistakes prove the courage someone got to try new things.

For the last two years FuckUp Nights have been evolving in many cities around the globe. But this year probably has been the year of FuckUp Nights. Also, here in Germany are now many cities involved. After kicking-off FuckUp Nights D├╝sseldorf in April. Which was great fun to organize and being part of. Kick-ass!

Gunter Dueck: Das Neue und seine Feinde!

Gunter Dueck - Das Neue und seine Feinde

Buchempfehlung: Das Neue und seine Feinde – wie Ideen verhindert werden und wie sie sich trotzdem durchsetzen. Gunter Dueck ist ein toller Redner und bringt die Fallstricke der Innovation in Unternehmen sehr illustrativ auf den Punkt. Gleichzeitig untermauern Erkl├Ąrungen entland von Modellen wie dem Gartner Hype Cycle seine Argumentation.

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Foto: Gregor Fischer (re:publica 2013)