DDB Influences 2.16: Athleisure & Femvertising


DDB Influences provide regularly really straight forward and relevant ideas on what influences DDB’s thinking and ideas. No doubt, many of those insights lead to outstanding strategic and creative work. So, to everyone, feel encouraged to just drop by from time to time and get your inspirational dose of branding and marketing insights up front.

This influences question: Has it ever been more fashionable to be fit?

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Kasita – Mobile Cubes for Living



Nextgen Studie: Digital Natives unter der Lupe

Digital Natives

“Leere Marketingstorys und Spielereien werden von Twens sekundenschnell entlarvt und verweigert.”

SinnerSchrader und das rheingold Insitut haben jetzt die Digital Natives in einer Studie einmal näher unter die Lupe genommen. Und dabei Unterschiede zwischen Twens, Teens und Kids in ihrer Grundhaltung zu Digitalen Medien und Marken herausgearbeitet.

Wichtig: Es steigen nicht nur die Anforderungen an Digitale Marken hier echten Mehrwert zu bieten. Auch für die Digital Natives selber birgt die schöne neue Welt der Multioptionalität ihre Tücken bis hin zur Handlungsunfähigkeit.

Hier zentrale Erkenntnisse zu Twens und Teens:
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BMW Guggenheim Lab: 100 Urban Trends

Nice! Check out these 100 urban trends. BMW Guggenheim Labs provides a tremendous list of hot topics, that are briefly explained and were found in New York, Mumbai and Berlin. The research is based on the concept of cities as “idea makers”, because “in cities, people come together, share their thoughts and common interests, and generate the ideas that shape our world.”


beyondtellerrand 2014 synopsis: 8 titles re-titled

beyondtellerrand 2014

This year’s beyondtellerrand web conference has been as inspiring as always. And as relaxed and chilled as appreciated by the creative folks in the audience, too. Here are some ideas to not only spread the good vibes, but to catch-up on the statements, that a great bunch of progressive thinkers and speakers shared at Capitol Theater Düsseldorf this year.
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