beyondtellerrand 2014 synopsis: 8 titles re-titled

beyondtellerrand 2014

This year’s beyondtellerrand web conference has been as inspiring as always. And as relaxed and chilled as appreciated by the creative folks in the audience, too. Here are some ideas to not only spread the good vibes, but to catch-up on the statements, that a great bunch of progressive thinkers and speakers shared at Capitol Theater Düsseldorf this year.

1 – Ethan Marcotte: Think responsive like Disney
To better manage fluid content systems in a device-agnostic design approach, a framework that outlines principles of qualitative responsive design could do, what Disney’s principles did to animation.

2 – Robin Christopherson: Technology facilitates accessibility facilitates everybody’s life
Technology is capable to very enhance and empower people’s lifes in an inclusive world (beyond the fun of augmented play in Pepsi’s ads) as much as accessibility ultimately benefits to everyone. Check these apps.

3 – Jessica Hische: You let go as you grow!
As professionals further develops their skills, the more details count for the subtle, but essential impact of their work. And your memory carries already not only much of what you need, but your personal style to build on, before you start big research.

4 – Bastian Allgeier: Combined efforts – from centralized past into decentralized future
If we develop an approach to combine the strengths of centralized and decentralized internet architectures, we can dream a truly revolutionary evolution of what the internet was meant to become.

5 – Jon Burgerman: Not everything is aweseome (but creative playfulness is)
A playful approach to creative work inspires not only the artists’ work, but the audience’s response to it, too. While exciting life in between fun and work.

6 – Karen McGrane: We are at war, but content modeling fights the blobbiest blob
Thinking of content modeling outside the box (a bit like bloggers do in terms of content types, categories and tags) lays a good foundation to manage diffusion in a real digital and multi-device world of displays, watches and toasters (and out of control).

7 – Erik Spiekermann: Know your shit!
Know your shit. Have an attitude. And keep it like that. And if you feel as much as agile about it, why don’t you come to work with us.

8 – Maciej Ceglowski: Let’s come down. And up again!
Let’s face it, the internet is broke with all it’s unfortunate consequences regarding personal data collection, monopolies and surveillance (and geography). But if we unlearn what we learned (like never ever deleting, what’s stored) and do not accept the status quo, we can fix it. And build a terrific and empowering tomorrow.

Photo: Martin Wolf

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