re:publica 2013: Don’t *(#)%!* w/ the internet!

“You can turn off the public internet, but you can’t turn off the internet public”. Andrew Rasiej

photos by re:publica 2013

6th – 8th May 2013 re:publica In / Side / Out – May the force and opportunities to further a rich, free, open and secure internet ecosystem evolve from the center of its community itself.

Cory Doctorow: It’s not a fax machine connect to a waffle iron

Thus said, it’s to encourage bloggers, nerds, net activists and entrepreneurs to walk the talk. Which goes about political affairs and digital frontiers, such as digital humanities, future of work, mobility and human-machine relations. Including an interview with Ai Weiwei.

Now, just think “everything is a remix”. Submit your favorite one and support the current campaign from @digiges. Respect not only the remix, but internet meme subculture, which elaborates C Heller and Snibeti Snab here. The next meme? Maybe this one (#). This is to “reclaim digital life” together with Sascha Lobo. Let’s do it!

photos by chiligum 2013

Next, imagine “life with extra senses” as illustrated by Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas, founders of the Cyborg Foundation.

“Internet is backbone of digital society, allowing access to culture and knowledge, it is a public good, it should stay one.” Ben Scott

Following the philosophical debate, change the system by knowing, how it works and “become shareholder of the revolution” as suggested by Friedrich von Borries. Moreover, we cannot have a revolution, if the music (industry) isn’t right.

From Robot Ethics by Kate Darling to serious realities across “digital labor – new opportunities, old inequalities” as highlighted by Trebor Scholz — we learned, that “the Internet is the nervous system of the 21st century” as put by Cory Doctorow and “the open internet depends on you” as said by Andrew Rasiej!

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