Archetype Branding

The application of archetype branding is not quite brand new. But still quite relevant, if applied thoroughly. Basically, it’s about defining universally and intuitively understood characteristic personality traits, as to add meaning to your brand story. This goes back to Carl Jung’s theory and various further scientific studies.

Classic archetypes include the hero, magician, outlaw, regular guy/gal, jester, lover, caregiver, ruler, creator, innocent, sage and explorer. Dimensions range from order to belonging, change and knowledge. By means of research, archetype traits of brands can be determined.

It’s important though, that archetypes are not the only proposition to work out branding. But rather provide a key idea about sense and meaning of the brand personality. As such, many brands successfully thrive on archetype branding. Think of Nike. Where there is a will, there is a way.

In the marketplace, you’ll find research companies, that work with modified models of archetype branding. For instance, TNS applies six types through NeedScope. Besides, there are similarities to LimbicTypes and further emotional systems, as applied by interrogare.

Now currious? Check your personal archetype with this little quiz. Magic!

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