Creative Planning: Lessons We Learned


On Thursday 10th of September, the Account Planning Group Germany hostet the first Creative Planning Workshop in Hamburg. The question was, how to advance the collaboration between Planners and Creatives to better deliver relevant communications – that really make a difference?

Young Planners from various places and companies across Germany attended the session to listen and discuss the topic with experienced folks and industry experts: Dale Gall (EMEA CEO, Lowe Profero), Doerte Spengler-Ahrens (Executive Creative Director, Jung von Matt), Klemens Schüttken (Freier Creative Director), Stefan Schmidt (Geschäftsführer dieckertschmidt), Timm Weber (E-CD, Publicis Pixelpark), Wolfgang Schneider (Chief Creative Officer, BBDO).

So, what were the key learnings to increase as a strategic planner the chances for “miracles to happen”?

Challenge The Team – But Collaborate Closely

Planners and Creatives ultimately got to work together. But – until the job is perfectly done – stir the debate and challenge the opposite. By the way, the briefing session matters more than the brief. And basically, there is no one ideal process to creativity.

Get Out Of The Building And Find Some Bold Insights

New and intriguing perspectives on the relationship between brands and intended customers rarely emerge from client briefs or desktop research. You got to investigate and explore the issue beyond a narrow scope to spark big ideas. As such, to really be relevant, don’t try to do everything right. That’s what everybody else does.

It’s All About Driving Business

Never forget, it’s all about driving buiness for your clients. So, think business. Where does the money come from?! Moreover, think business for your agency, too. Having said that, sell ideas not strategies. Finally, the ultimate piece of work is all that matters. Still, a decent grouldwork increases accountability, which does help a lot (so sell the idea)!

Never Stop Questioning – The Real Job Might Be To Reframe the Task

Listen to your guts feeling. Does the job as defined really make sense? Sometimes, you may find a completely new approach by reframing the task to master the challenge. At the same time, never stop questioning your strategies. Kill your darlings. And don’t over analyse.

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Photo: Hash Milhan

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