Nike’s: The Sneakers I Want!


Again and again, I ask myself: How do they do it? I just simply want (!) these superb sneakers from Nike and can’t wait for ’em!

I guess, it’s because of the perfect interplay of the multiple facets of branding. At the bottom, a very salient association links Nike’s to sports wear on my mind. Next, the brand performance and brand imagery is just, what I am kind of looking for. There are innovative and distinctive products meeting a progressive and dedicated mind-set. Always cutting edge. Big win on points-of-parity and points-of-difference. Thus, I do very positively resonate relating to my judgments and feelings on the next level.

Yet, I am ultimately not totally engaged, as I do not utilize all the widgets like Nike+ FuelBand, which are available. But that’s ok. Does the job, when opinion-leaders do … I am brand-loyal. Committed. And happy to share my experience. Brands work, eventually. It may have taken time. When I was born, I didn’t know about Nike. But by now, I do.

Benjamin Teeuwsen

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If branding is soul, great ads will get the funk!

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