Jon Steel on what he values most in a Planner!

Very nice and inspiring advice! At first, Jon explains the purpose of Planners to be useful. To make a difference in the process not as the most clever person, but by being a catalyst to bring the best out of people. Because, in the end, the final piece of work, the quality of the outcome, is what matters, really. To do so, Planners got to make the connections between brands promises and values with the social and cultural context as well as human motivations.

As such, successful Planners got to experience real life a lot. It is about being out there, out of the office, to see, what people moves. How they live and interact with the brands and products. Moreover, he refers to this as a working method of opening-up the mind. And this is, when the best ideas occur. Not in front of the desktop. Referring to advertising as a starter of an engaging dialogue. So it is about finding the common ground, the common language. Not of target groups. But each individual. As such, to understand the basics of human communication. Which remains the same quest, even in light of all digital and technological development.

Thanks – Jon – for sharing!

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